Cummins Featured On Motorhead Garage

Cummins technology was in the spotlight in a recent episode of Motorhead Garage highlighting the history of Cummins diesel technology. As part of the “Big Rig” series, the episode, hosted by Sam Memmolo and Dave Bowman, aired on Fox Sports Net (FSN).

Motorhead Garage has reunited the pioneers in automotive how-to TV – Memmolo and Bowman – to analyze and advise viewers of the latest products and technology on the market. In this episode, Cummins experts joined the show’s hosts to take a look at Cummins history as a diesel technology leader and to provide insight into Cummins on-highway engines and products.

Filming for the Motorhead Garage episode took place at a Cummins facility located in Columbus, Ind., and featured Cummins experts.
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