Cummins Tour – By The Numbers

The Redefining Tour has been on the road for 33 days! Our trucks have rolled over a lot of pavement and cast their headlights on some exciting places in the first month of the tour. Let us break it down for you…

Our trucks have…

  • Traveled over 2,000 miles
  • Rolled over more than 70 highways and roads

Our drivers have…

  • Clocked over 35 hours behind the wheel

The fleet has…

  • Been in 2 countries
  • Crossed through 6 states
  • Visited 6 cities:
  • 4 Cummins facilities:
    • 1 arena
    • 1 speedway
    • 1 baseball park
    • 1 fairground

Over 1,000 people have…

  • Attended our tour stops
  • Seen Cummins engines at work in the trucks
  • Walked through the show trailer to learn about the latest Cummins technology
  • More than likely eaten some local barbeque

We have over 11,000 miles left to travel and 26 cities left to visit, leaving you plenty of time to stop by and see theRedefining Tour for yourself!

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