Cummins Ships Its Largest Diesel Engine Yet to Power Global Rail

Late last year, Cummins shipped its first QSK95 built specifically for rail. The engine – one of the most powerful high-speed diesels ever used in commercial rail – was delivered to a Siemens manufacturing facility in Sacramento, destined for duty in U.S. passenger rail.

Capable of top speeds of 125 mph when used as the primary power of a locomotive, the engine delivers 4,400 hp, more than any other 16-cylinder high-speed diesel engine. While its performance is impressive, its size makes it truly stand out from competitors. At 95 liters, it’s the largest Cummins engine on the block. Take a look:


The QSK95 delivers top horsepower at 1,800 rpm. Designed for long-hour, heavy-load applications, the gigantic 16-cylinder engine exceeds the output of medium-speed engines, even those with 20 cylinders. Despite the high power density that puts the QSK95 miles ahead of other commercial and freight rail engines, this engine is still one of the most eco-friendly diesels on the planet.

Ultra-Clean Diesel Power

It’s hard to imagine an 8-foot tall, 14-foot long industrial diesel engine could be considered “Green,” but the Cummins QSK95 delivers ultra-clean power that exceeds the EPA’s stringent Tier 4 Final emissions restrictions.

Few large high-speed or medium-speed rail engines claim Tier 4 compliance, and Cummins does it without sacrificing power or performance.

Driven By Innovation

Of course, Cummins has a long history of technological innovation, and the QSK95 for rail is simply the latest in a long line of groundbreaking advancements. The engine’s quad-turbocharging system, with one turbo for each 4-cylinder quadrant, allows the QSK95 to produce unmatched horsepower in a much smaller package, providing far more flexibility in installation.

This innovative design makes the QSK95 ideal for its duty in high-speed trains, as it can reach 4,000 hp in only 6-10 seconds, providing outstanding response to load demands, increased acceleration and reduced journey times.

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