Trucking Fuel Economy: A Million-Dollar Drop in the Bucket

With fuel costs and efficiency being the largest variables for any trucking ventures, fleet managers and drivers think about fuel economy almost constantly.

Heavy-duty trucks account for fewer than 5% of vehicles on the road in the U.S., yet moving goods around the country consumed more than 52.7 billion gallons of diesel and gasoline in 2013. As the focus on fuel economy increases for fleet managers and owner-operators around the world, the industry continues to move towards more cost-effective, efficient engines.

At Cummins, we work hard to ensure our customers get the most from every drop of diesel and alternative fuels.

Increasing Efficiency

Driver efficiency plays a critical role in fleet fuel economy, and drivers are often the chief motivators for fleet improvements in fuel consumption. The most efficient drivers on the road can get about 30% better fuel economy than less efficient operators. While there are many factors at play for driver efficiency and even more on the vehicle – aerodynamic drag, tires, axle ratios and more – new technologies help drivers and fleets focus on efficiency without sacrificing performance.

The SmartAdvantage Powertrain pairs the Cummins ISX15 and an Eaton Fuller 10-speed automated transmission, delivering more torque at lower RPM ranges, as well as optimizing power and shifting for whatever your duty cycle requires.

Fleets like Central Trucking, Inc. (CTI) have seen immediate and long-term cost savings with a three-quarter MPG improvement in SmartAdvantage-powered fuel economy, plus owner operators who are clamoring to switch to a more efficient automated powertrain to maximize their profits. While technology like SmartAdvantage improves fuel economy, your Cummins engines can be further customized to fit the needs of drivers across the entire fleet.

Think the SmartAdvantage Powertrain might be a good fit for you, but want to find out for sure? Check out our SmartAdvantage Powertrain selection guide for some expert guidance!

Spec’ing a Cummins as Unique as You Are

Every driver is different, and every duty cycle benefits from an engine tuned specifically to your route and driving habits. In the past, many drivers believed top performance could only be found by sacrificing fuel economy. By focusing on downspeeding and smart performance, the latest Cummins heavy-duty truck engines can be spec’d to deliver optimum gradeability and startability without sacrificing fuel economy.

Properly spec’ing your engine starts with Cummins PowerSpec to help you and your dealer tailor an engine best suited to any duty cycle. Equipped with the ratings and needs of your current rig, PowerSpec guides your dealer to the optimal rig for the needs of your fleet.

At Cummins, we’re proud to be on the forefront of helping drivers and fleets find new ways to cut costs and improve the driving experience. Visit the Cummins Sales and Service Locator to talk to a Cummins expert and learn how we can help your fleet improve performance.

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