Industry Wowed by 2017 X15 Heavy-Duty Truck Engines

Cummins is the talk of the trucking industry yet again following last month’s unveiling of our 2017 X15 heavy-duty truck engines, an evolution of our legendary ISX15, and a dramatic leap forward in diesel engine technology. Owners and drivers are eager to take advantage of the X15’s improved engine efficiency, lower cost of ownership and enhanced overall driving experience.

Perhaps the most intriguing aspect for experts and enthusiasts alike is the split offering of two specially tuned X15 series – X15 Efficiency and X15 Performance.

2017 X15 Efficiency Series

cummins-efficiency-x15The X15 Efficiency is engineered to meet the needs of line-haul and regional-haul operations, providing 3% better fuel economy than comparable 2016 models, and 10-20% better than 2010 models with equivalent displacement. Pairing the engine with an Eaton Fuller Advantage 10-speed automated manual transmission maximizes fuel efficiency and produces outstanding driver satisfaction. And with up to 500 hp (373 kW) and 1,850 lbs.-ft. (2,508 N•m) torque, it delivers plenty of power.

The Efficiency series is also designed to drastically reduce cost of ownership. Typical oil-drain intervals are extended up to as much as 80,000 miles for qualifying customers through our new OilGuard program, and fuel filter change intervals are extended up to as much as 50,000 miles. Our engineers also made the crankcase breather filter maintenance-free, eliminated the hydrocarbon doser and made the coolant filter optional. It all adds up to a projected maintenance savings of about 40% over the first 500,000 miles compared to the 2010-2012 ISX15.

2017 X15 Performance Series

cummins-performance-x15For drivers with heavier loads, the X15 Performance is a true powerhouse, rated for 485-605 hp (362-451 kW) and 1,650 to 2,050 lbs.-ft. (2,237-2,779 N•m) of torque. Equally powerful is the engine braking – over 450 hp (336 kW) at 1500 rpm and up to 600 hp (447 kW) at 2100 rpm. The X15 Performance also features an upgraded high flow air-handling system for faster pedal response, improving drivability with full payloads and on steep grades.

Cummins 2017 X15 Efficiency and Performance series engines have several important upgrades in common, including a reduction in the total number of components and simplified systems to maximize uptime. We also enhanced the VGT Turbocharger, replaced the exhaust-mounted fuel injector with in-cylinder activation and improved the durability of camshaft lobes, piston cooling nozzles and the air-handling system.

We’re excited to bring these amazing engines to market, as we know what a huge economic and quality of life impact they will have for truckers throughout North America. Limited production of X15 Efficiency and Performance series engines will begin this fall, with a planned run of 1,400 units. Full production will then kick off in January 2017.

There’s more to know than we could possibly include in a single blog post, so please be sure to check out the full specs, ratings and information on our product pages.

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