cummins repowered toyota pickup in front of cummins building

RePower Profile: TAV Toyota Xtra Cab

From sea level to over 13,500 ft., this 1985 Toyota Xtra Cab, built by TAV in Albuquerque, NM, is a testing workhorse for the Cummins R2.8 Turbo Diesel. With engine mounts and a transmission adapter from Axis Industries, the R2.8 Turbo Diesel in this tough truck has been everywhere from off-roading adventures to highway cruising.

cummins r2.8 in toyota pickupAs one of the first Beta customers of the R2.8 Turbo Diesel, this truck features a data-logger that allows Cummins engineers to receive valuable information from a maiden off-roading voyage to FJ Summit to highway cruising and every mile in between.

With a home base in the mountains of Albuquerque, NM, the 1985 Toyota Xtra Cab provides Cummins the opportunity to collect altitude data and real customer feedback in a unique scenario. In addition, to the every-day data that it provides to Cummins engineers, this truck was also tested up the Davis Dam Grade.

With miles of experience on the odometer, the builders at TAV note that using a 20” H x 9” W x 2.75” D charge air cooler along with A 20” H x 18” W x 2.5” D 3 core radiator coupled with 17” mechanical fan and custom shroud keep the engine cool even in the toughest conditions.

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Vehicle Info

  • Year: 1985
  • Make: Toyota
  • Model: Xtracab Pickup


  • Engine: Cummins Repower R2.8L Turbo Diesel
  • Transmission: W56 five-speed manual
  • Transfer case(s): Marlin Crawler
  • Low range ratio(s): 2.28:1, 4.70:1
  • Crawl ratio(s): 36.9:1, 76.1:1
  • Front axle/differential: Toyota 8-in HP, 4.10:1 gears/Yukon Grizzly Locker
  • Rear axle/differential: Toyota 8-in IFS width, 4.10:1 gears/Yukon Grizzly Locker


  • Front: Modified 3-in-lift Trail-Gear leaf springs, Bilstein 5100 shocks
  • Rear: Modified 3-in-lift Trail-Gear leaf springs, Bilstein 5100 shocks
  • Steering: Trail-Gear High Steer Kit


  • Tires: 35×12.50R15LT Goodyear MT/R
  • Wheels: 15×8 steel


  • Lighting: Rigid Industries D-Series Dually
  • Armor: Custom TAV front bumper, Marlin Crawler rear bumper with custom TAV rear tire carrier and full spare, custom TAV hood cowl, Front Runner bed rack

Cool Stuff

  • Smittybilt XRC 9,500-lb winch with Viking synthetic rope, Corbeau bucket seats, FW Murphy engine temp gauge, Pioneer sound system with 12-in sub, James Baroud Evasion rooftop tent, ARB fridge

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