Just How Serious is that Dash Light?

You’re driving down the road or operating on the job site. Suddenly, a lamp flashes on your dash. No matter what color or shape it may be, that little indicator light is something that should be taken seriously. But just how serious is it? Is it time to shut down or can you keep going?

To help you, Cummins created Connected Diagnostics™, an innovative bridge from your engine to Cummins experts. If something goes wrong, your Cummins engine instantly sends critical data to Cummins, where the system will review the error, evaluate your engine’s performance and recommend the best course of action. It’s the edge you need to spend less time in the shop and more time on the job.

How Connected Diagnostics Works

Cummins Connected Diagnostics works in concert with telematics providers to identify and diagnose issues and recommend repairs for your Cummins engine.

Your engine will send a detailed message through its telematics connection the moment it detects a fault. Our unique Connected Diagnostics system instantly analyzes that data to determine the cause and generate recommendations for continued vehicle operation and service needs.

Then, the system sends a report with actionable data to your fleet management team – or directly to the operator – via fleet software, data integration or email. You’ll quickly have all the data you need to make smart service decisions, including recommended actions, prioritized fault codes, the suspected root cause, projected derate timeline and a link to our service locator to find the nearest Cummins-certified repair shop.

How Connected Diagnostics Benefits You

If you have a Cummins engine, you already have one of the world’s most dependable engines. Connected Diagnostics protects you with an added level of support to keep your machine operating at peak efficiency.

Connected Diagnostics eliminates the uncertainty of dashboard lamps, giving you the power to make the best decisions for the life of your Cummins engine.

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