Cummins Unveils a New Generation of Midrange Diesel Classics

Earlier this year, Cummins unveiled two new midrange diesel engines at the NTEA Work Truck Show – the 2017 L9 and B6.7. These medium-duty engines redefine reliability and performance, setting the standard for products proven in applications all around the world.

In the last 32 years, Cummins has produced more than 17 million midrange engines – making us the engine of choice for pickup and delivery trucks and work fleets around the world. For years, the Cummins B and L Series have delivered unmatched uptime and performance, and the new generation continues to raise the bar.

2017 B6.7

The Cummins B Series is an American classic, legendary for its dependability. With a new B series engine rolling off the production line every 18 seconds, it’s clear that this is the engine of choice for customers all around the globe. The new Cummins 2017 B6.7 for medium-duty trucks is the ideal workhorse diesel for fleets, designed specifically for stop-and-go duty cycles.

Fleets can choose between two distinctly different B6.7 versions – Efficiency and Performance. If you want to maximize fuel economy and minimize operating costs, efficiency ratings from 200 to 260 HP (149-194 kW) deliver up to 7% fuel economy improvement over the 2013 ISB6.7. The Performance B6.7 offers up 280 to 325 HP (209-242 kW) with enhanced efficiency, so customers can expect up to a 5% increase in fuel economy without sacrificing power. Performance ratings feature a unique turbocharger, piston design fuel injectors and an aftertreatment system sized for higher ratings, with peak torque ranges from 660 lb-ft to 750 lb-ft (895-1017 N•m).

While the B6.7 remakes a classic, the 2017 L9 delivers an exciting engine option for fleets that demand even more power in a compact package.

2017 L9

The Cummins 2017 L9 offers a combination of power, proven reliability and rebuildability that other midrange engines simply cannot match. Designed with best-in-class power ratios, 2017 L9 ratings range from 260 to 380 HP (194-283 kW) and 720 to 1,250 lb.-ft (976-1695 N•m).

The L9 powers some of the most severe duty cycles across the work truck environment, and the 2017 class introduces powerful new options for fleets. The new 350 HP, 1,150 lb.-ft rating, (260 kW, 1559 N•m) in particular, gives drivers a broad power band the delivers both fuel economy and power when you need it most, especially paired with automatic transmissions.

In addition to high power density and performance-enhancing technology, both the 2017 B6.7 and L9 feature the revolutionary Cummins Single Module Aftertreatment system.

Single Module Aftertreatment

The Cummins Single Module Aftertreatment system brings a revolutionary design to medium-duty work fleets. The Single Module’s compact design features a 70% reduction in envelope size and a 30% weight reduction over current systems, reducing thermal load and offering the opportunity for a larger payload.

Cummins continues to redefine the midrange engine space, delivering constant innovation to work fleets around the world. From the diesel V5.0, B6.7 and L9 engines to the natural gas ISB6.7 G and ISL G Near Zero engines, Cummins gives you the power to get work done. Explore our new family of medium-duty engines below.

Cummins Medium-Duty Engines